Housing Resource Portal

Anne Arundel County government, local partners, and private community-based organizations offer a broad range of housing-related resources to County residents. This portal allows residents to search for programs and resources that serve their needs. 

View resource categories below and select subtopics from the corresponding dropdown menus.

Note: This resource directory contains information and links from external non-governmental organizations. As always, exercise caution when sharing personal information.

Financial Assistance

Cash assistance, grants, loans, subsidies, and tax credits

Health & Safety Conditions

Requirements, inspections,
and complaints

Educational & Legal Resources

General information, links to housing law resources and legal assistance

Homeowners & Homebuyers

Resources and information for current and prospective homeowners


Resources and information for current and prospective renters

Temporary & Permanent Housing

Housing options and programs, including special populations (elderly, veterans, disability, etc.)

Emergency Assistance

Help for persons who are homeless, at immediate risk of homelessness or living in perilous conditions

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