Fire Press Release - October 30, 2023

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Two Defiant NXT Model Fireboats - 2024
AACoFD to receive 2 New Emergency Response Fireboats!

Do you live in Anne Arundel County? Help Us Name Our New Fireboat!

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department has teamed up with Metal Shark Boats to build 2 new Fireboats that are scheduled to be added to our fleet in 2024. The twin Defiant NXT Monohull Pilothouse Fireboats are currently being built by Metal Shark Boats in Louisiana. The 50-foot vessels will enhance the department's ability to more effectively respond to maritime-related fire emergencies on our vast waterways here in the County.
The Anne Arundel County Fire Department is soliciting names from community members and department members for the new fireboats. "Involving our Community and Department Members to be a part of the naming process ensures both fireboats will receive names from those who will directly benefit by adding these two maritime vessels to our fleet," said Fire Chief Trisha Wolford.
The first boat will be christened in the Spring of 2024 and will be named by an Anne Arundel County Community Member, while the second boat is scheduled to be christened in the Summer of 2024 and will be named by an AACoFD Member.
If you would like to be a part of the naming process and you are an Anne Arundel County Community Member, we invite you to click the link below. The link will be open until November 30, 2023. Once all the names are compiled, the top names will be sent back out via our social media platforms for a vote.
To help name our boat, click the following link: Name Our Boat!
Participants must either be an Anne Arundel County resident or be facilitated with an Anne Arundel County school classroom. Students and teachers are encouraged to submit one name per classroom for consideration.
Eligible names must be appropriate for public display. Any submissions deemed inappropriate will automatically be removed.
Limit one submission per contestant or classroom.
The chosen name will be affixed permanently to the new Fireboat. The submitting person or students will be invited to the fireboat christening ceremony.
No compensation or reward will be provided for the winning submission.