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Right of Way Permits

Welcome to the Bureau of Highways Right-of-Way Permit Program. Homeowners, Utilities, and their contractors may undertake certain repairs and construction within County rights-of-way after obtaining a Right-of-Way Permit. Below is information on how to obtain a permit to undertake work within a County right-of-way.
When is a permit required?
Anytime you occupy, use, or engage in any activity in a public right-of-way including:
  • Excavation in paved and unpaved areas
  • Installation of above and below ground facilities
  • Activity that obstructs or impedes traffic
When is a permit not required?
  • Maintenance activity that makes no material change to the footprint of an existing facility or structure, makes no material change to the surface or sub-surface of a right-of-way, and does not disrupt or impede traffic.
  • Work governed by a permit issued by the Department of Inspections & Permits or governed by a Public Works Agreement.
Prohibited Conduct:
  • Drainage from private property should not be discharged into a County sidewalk, roadway or roadway storm drain. This includes both sump pumps and raingutter downspouts.
  • Private irrigation systems are not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private fencing is not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private utilities require the grant of an easement prior to occupancy in County rights-of-way.
Driveway Construction and Rehabilitation:
Checklist for Rain Garden Installation Project:
Roadside Trees (Street Trees)
A roadside tree is any tree that grows all or in part within the public right-of-way. Anne Arundel County does not issue permits for the removal, replacement, planting, or trimming of roadside trees. Permits must be obtained from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.. Information about County tree services may be found at
Oversize / Overweight Hauling across County Roads & Bridges
Paper Permit Forms:
Online Permit Services:
ROW Permit - Daily Work Notification (required each day job is active)
Annual Maintenance Permit - Enter Maintenance Locations (work authorization lasts three days)
Construction Inspection:
Stakeholder Coordination:

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