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The Office of Central Services manages the Beautification Program, which is designed to provide decorative landscaping throughout the County, encourage adopting a median or roundabout, and support local art projects executed on County building exteriors.

Adopt a Median

  • Program Guide & Rules
    1. The Adopt-A-Road Program is open to any licensed, insured, and Maryland registered landscape design or installation firm in Anne Arundel County, MD.
    2. Businesses are encouraged to adopt one or more medians and roundabouts from the available list of medians or roundabouts and make a two year commitment  to design, install, and maintain said location. Litter should be picked up from your adopted location as needed. We request a minimum maintenance commitment  of three times a year with a major cleanup in April for spring cleaning.
    3. Only specific locations identified by the County Adopt a Median/Roundabout Program are available for adoption.
    4. The business agrees to provide a landscaping and/or public art plan to the Anne Arundel County Beautification Manager for approval prior to installing any plants, landscaping materials, or art installations. We remind participants to consider lines of sight and view cones in any and all landscape or public art plans. Plans shall be approved by County staff prior to installation to ensure sight lines and view cones are protected.
    5. The business agrees to abide by the terms of a Program Agreement.
    6. A designated contact will be required for each organization to serve as the liaison with the Anne Arundel County Beautification Manager.
    7. Participants in the Group agree to obey and abide by all laws and safety procedures consistent with industry practices regarding work in high traffic areas. The business must have a safety plan for working on medians or roundabouts and work must be performed at appropriate times of day to ensure safe working conditions. The County may stop a business from performing work if unsafe traffic conditions occur.
    8. The designated contact should notify the Beautification Manager at least 24 hours prior to every prior to every scheduled clean-up date at your site.
    9. The Business should avoid installation or maintenance activities on the median or roundabout during heavy traffic periods such as: Memorial Day extended weekend, July 3 through 5 and Labor Day extended weekend.
    10. No permanent onsite advertising or signage other than that provided by Anne Arundel County will be permitted. Adopt a Median/Roundabout signs including your organization's name will be installed at each end of the adopted sections after initial project installation and clean-up is complete. No other permanent signage or advertising is permitted.
    11. When picking up litter or removing other debris, participants are encouraged to separate appropriate materials for recycling.
    12. In the event that your location becomes overgrown or in need of maintenance, Anne Arundel County reserves the right to conduct necessary maintenance and may terminate the Program Agreement at its sole discretion.
    13. After submitting an application, businesses will be contacted to discuss the concepts and plans for the requested median or roundabout, if the site is available for adoption. The Beautification Manager has the final authority with respect to approval of a site plan and no work may begin until the business has received an executed Program Agreement.
    14. Businesses are encouraged to use native plants where possible and to integrate the design of the landscape plan with the surrounding area. Designs that are distracting to motorists will not be approved.
    15. Businesses are responsible for contacting Miss Utility in advance of any work requiring ground marking.
    16. The County at its sole discretion may provide in kind services such as site preparation to assist the business with implementing their landscape plan.


Interested landscape firms are encouraged to apply to adopt a County-owned median or roundabout and express your creativity.  Program participants will help improve the aesthetic appearance of Anne Arundel County through the installation of enhanced landscapes or public art in traffic structures.

Call to Artists

A realistic portrait of Pearl Bailey was executed by Jeff Huntington,

Anne Arundel County, Maryland invites artists to submit proposals for public art to be displayed in Annapolis, Maryland on County property. The County is seeking murals and sculptures that beautify and enhance the historic significance and honor the achievements of the community. This opportunity is open to artists living in Maryland.

Any person or group interested should submit a proposal to, or contact, the Real Estate Division at (410) 222-7913 or




Real Estate Division
(410) 222-7913