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Vanpooling is a popular and economical option for commuters traveling within the Washington Metropolitan region, particularly for long-distance commuting.  Pool Rewards is a special program available through Commuter Connections designed to encourage current drive alone commuters to start or join a vanpool.  Pool Rewards offers up to a $200 monthly subsidy to newly formed van or car pools. 
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Commuter Connections

Types of Vanpools

  • Owner-Operated Vans - An individual leases or purchases a van and operates the van independently. Riders generally meet at a central location and pay the owner a set monthly fee.
  • Third-Party Vans - A vanpool "vendor" leases the vanpool vehicle for a monthly fee that includes the vehicle operating cost, insurance, and maintenance. The vendor can contract directly with 1 or more employees. The monthly lease fee is paid by the group of users. Military personnel may also benefit from this vanpooling arrangement.
  • Employer-Provided Vans - The employer (or a group of employers) buys or leases vans for employees’ commute use. The employer organizes the vanpool riders and insures and maintains the vehicles. The employer may charge a fee to ride in the van or subsidize the service. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department."
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Vanpool Eligibility

1. Have either an origin in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or the District of Columbia and a destination anywhere in the Washington 8-hour Ozone Non-Attainment area as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. See map.
2. Are newly-forming vanpools.  Newly-forming vanpools are defined as vanpools that have not previously been in operation within 30 days prior to the submission of the Pool Rewards for Vanpools application.
3. Are registered with Commuter Connections
4. Have a 7 to 15 passenger capacity (including the driver).
5. Submit an application for the program through one of the qualified vanpool providers: VPSI Inc. or Enterprise Rideshare.

Finding Riders

Assistance in Finding Riders

Don't see your vanpool here?  Tell us about it at [email protected] so that other vanpoolers can add their rides on. Furthermore, if you are not already in a vanpool, and you do not see one on your route listed here, please go to to be matched with others to start a vanpool or carpool.


Jessica Charles-Allen 
Rideshare Coordinator
[email protected] 
(410) 222-7365