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DefinitionFor purposes of this section, the term "vehicle" means a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat.
Scope. Zoning enforcement is limited to private property. Property owners are cited for violations and required to clear their property of violations. Anne Arundel County does not routinely tow untagged vehicles on private property
ProhibitionExcept as provided otherwise by this article, land may not be used for the parking, storage, collection, accumulation, or abandonment of any inoperable, wrecked, partially dismantled, or destroyed vehicle or of any vehicle that does not display all information required by law, including a current registration plate and validation sticker.

Report Online

Fill out the form on the "Report" tab.   Select "Unregistered or Inoperable Vehicles" as the Category. 


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You can submit concerns about an untagged/inoperable vehicle from your mobile device.  

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