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Towing companies utilized by the Anne Arundel County Police Department are licensed, independent businesses regulated by the Department of Inspections & Permits Licensing Section under Anne Arundel County Code.  (Article 11 Title 16)


To locate/retrieve your vehicle, including an estimate of charges due, check online at or call a customer service operator at 301-468-7342.


Complaints or questions may be submitted online anytime to [email protected] or to the Department of Inspections & Permits Licensing section at 410-222-7788 (M-F 8-4).


Authorized towing fees are published by the Department of Inspections & Permits Licensing Section and must be presented upon request.  It may also be found here:  Tow Fee Schedule  

All invoices must contain the company’s name, invoice number and an itemization of all fees and a towing company may not require a damage waiver as a condition of vehicle release. 

Upon demand by the owner, or agent of the owner, the towing company shall provide the name, address, telephone number and policy number of the tow company’s insurance carrier.


Leaving a vehicle at a tow facility for more than 10 days may constitute abandonment and result in civil and/or criminal prosecution under MD Transportation Article § 25-202.