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COVID-19: Information, Resources, and Cancellations
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In an effort to keep members of the public and all staff as safe as possible during the current COVID-19 health crisis, and to comply with the State of Maryland’s Safer at Home recommendation and Governor Hogan’s Executive Order limiting public gatherings the County Council will conduct all meetings virtually until further notice.  As such, public testimony will now be accepted online.

How to Submit

Online testimony can be submitted by clicking on one of the buttons below and filling out the resulting form.  

View the listing of current legislation

You may submit written testimony of up to 250 words that includes your contact information and the specific bill or resolution or other subject at issue. ALL testimony submitted online is received and reviewed by the entire Council as it is submitted. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN SELECTING A BILL OR RESOLUTION NUMBER FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST TO ENSURE IT IS THE SPECIFIC PIECE OF LEGISLATION ON WHICH YOU WISH TO SUBMIT TESTIMONY. Testimony on a bill or resolution listed on the current agenda for the meeting that is submitted for Invitation to Audience through the general testimony tool will not be counted because testimony through Invitation to Audience may not be on a bill or resolution that is on the agenda.

Testimony submitted using the online tool must be submitted no later than 8:00 A.M. on the day of the meeting that the bill or resolution will be heard.  View the full meeting schedule.

After 8:00 A.M., legislation being heard that day will no longer be available for testimony through the online testimony tool. Testimony submitted online by 8:00 A.M. will be posted on the Council’s website by noon on the day of the meeting. A final count of the number of online submissions will be stated during the meeting and all submissions will become part of the official record. 

Provide testimony for a specific piece of legislation:

Legislative Testimony

Submit remarks to the Council on subjects other than bills and resolutions currently listed on the schedule:

Invite to Audience

Budget Testimony is no longer being accepted


Other Ways to Submit Testimony

Submit via U.S. Mail

Mail to: 

County Council for Anne Arundel County
44 Calvert Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Drop Off Place written testimony in small box labeled “County Council Public Testimonials” outside the lower level entrance doors on the Northwest Street side of the Arundel Center.

Watch / Listen to Meetings

Beginning Monday, May 4, 2020 the Anne Arundel County Council will conduct a series of virtual legislative sessions to hear and vote on legislation postponed due the COVID-19 health crisis and introduce other necessary legislation. Meetings will be held on Mondays in May, except for Tuesday, May 26, and will start at 7:00 p.m. The full schedule is available here

Bills are available for viewing and downloading here. If needed, you may request that a paper copy of any bill be mailed to you by calling 410-222-1401 and leaving a message or by sending an email to JoAnne Gray at [email protected] 

The Council encourages the public to watch and listen using the following methods:


You may watch the meeting on local cable channels or via Arundel TV Live

Channel 98 for Comcast and Broadstripe
Channel 38 for Verizon
Channel 998 for HD Comcast
Channel 1962 for HD Verizon
Channel 498 for HD Broadstripe

Link to Arundel TV Live!


You may listen by dialing any one of the following telephone numbers and entering the ID and password when prompted

+1 312-626-6799
+1 669-900-6833
+1 301-715-8592
+1 669-219-2599
877-853 5257 (Toll Free)
888-475-4499 (Toll Free)

ID:  952-2531-3023
Password:  306292

View County Council Schedule

View Testimony

Testimony is collected by meeting and is available for review. 

View Testimony