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Subdivision involves the process of dividing property into two or more parts. Applications are classified as either Subdivision or Minor Subdivision. Minor subdivisions are those that generally consist of five residential lots or fewer (including any existing developed lot). Subdivisions are generally those existing or proposed subdivisions that consists of more than five residential lots.
Minor Subdivision applications are reviewed under a one-step process called Final Review.  Subdivisions are reviewed under a two step process: Sketch Plan Review and Final Plan Review.
Subdivision and Site Development Plan Timeline and Flow Chart 

Both Minor Subdivisions and Subdivision require a pre-submission community meeting prior to the initial submission of plans. Subdivisions additionally require a community meeting five days after the submission of the final plans. 

Community Meeting

A community meeting is required for any application that includes a Modification to permit direct impact  to environmentally sensitive areas, a subdivision of property that adjoins a residentially zoned and developed lot, and development of a commercial, industrial, or institutional use, or an active recreational use as defined in §18-1-101, that adjoins a residentially zoned and developed lot.  

The type of submittal will dictate the timing for when the meeting must be conducted.
Community Meeting Information

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