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This application process is to be used when the applicant applies for a permit relating to improvements to an existing structure located outside the critical area or a designated bog protection areas, when the applicant can demonstrate that the proposed improvements do not result in the following:

  • additional cumulative floor area of more than 1,000 square feet;
  • an increase of impervious surface of more than  1,000 square feet;
  • a use that will generate five or more cumulative Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU) of public water and/or sewer usage;
  • a limit of disturbance of 5,000 square feet or more; 
  • more than 50 new daily vehicle trips in the scheduled completion year of the improvements or a requirement for a traffic impact study; 
  • insufficient water supply for providing adequate fire suppression; 
  • a deficiency in the parking requirements contained in Article 18 of the Anne Arundel County Code or an inability to provide adequate onsite stacking capacity; 
  • the need for a variance to the applicable build regulations contained in Article 18 of the Anne Arundel County Code; 
  • inadequate land to meet landscape requirements;  
  • impacts to cultural resources or impacts to scenic or historic roads.


Fees (no fee is required for this application)


2664 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401


Contact the Permit Center at (410) 222-7725 to schedule an appointment.