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To obtain public water and/or wastewater service, a majority (51%) of property owners must petition for the requested service. The petition area is defined as the area from the existing service to the proposed final property to receive service.

How to Petition?

Fill out the following Petition Form:
Petitions are to be submitted to:
Department of Public Works
Financial Services Division
2662 Riva Road, MS-7408
Annapolis MD 21401
Once received, the petition will be reviewed for validation. (Please remember, if two people are listed as property owners, both owners must sign and date the petition and that the signatures must also be witnessed).
After the petition is validated, a preliminary study will be conducted to determine the feasibility of providing the service and to develop a cost analysis to assure the project will be self-supporting by the property owners. A public meeting will be held with the community to discuss the project.
Water and wastewater petition projects are paid for by the property owner through a Front Foot Benefit Assessment. This assessment is placed on the property for a period of thirty (30) years and transfers with the property if it is sold. To calculate an assessment, we add the front (abutting) property dimension to the rear dimension and divide this total by two. (For commercial property, the average width is then multiplied by three, industrial property by five.)  This average width is then multiplied by a rate calculated from total construction and financing costs.
There are two main connection charges for water and sewer. The capital facility connection charge for water is $6,855 and the base water user connection charge is $4,391.43 including a 5/8th inch meter. The capital facility connection charge for sewer is $6,855 and the base sewer user connection charge is $6,435.55.
Should you need any assistance in completing a petition, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Services Division at (410) 222-7517.