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This project is based off the hugely successful national model, 100K Homes, and moves the chronically homeless and most vulnerable people in our midst into housing.

National statistics prove the efficacy of this Housing First approach: mental health stabilizes, substance abuse decreases and because there is hope, belonging and ownership of a lease, 90% of the people housed have stayed in housing for more than two years.  It has also been proven to be most cost effective way to care for those highest users of all the systems, with structure and targeted case management that makes referrals and appointments that eliminate emergency services.


National 100K Homes Program

Access Housing uses a service prioritization assistance tool to determine vulnerability and helps target appropriate, affordable housing for those that are living in shelters and the streets of Anne Arundel County and Annapolis.


Justin Bieler, Homeless Coordinator at (410) 269-4749  [email protected]