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All County Offices will be closed on Monday, January 21, 2019 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
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The Commuter Crew wants to help Anne Arundel County citizens find, and connect with, their transportation options.  The Commuter Crew's mission is to assist citizens with joining carpools and vanpools, in addition to finding transit routes that are right for them, as well as means to bike and walk to work. These clean modes of transportation can be used to get to doctors’ appointments, the grocery store, and nearby playgrounds. The services on this page function in Maryland and Washington, D.C areas.

Explore Your Travel Options

Commuter Connections

Find others who have the same commute as you by making an account on the Commuter Connections app to find your carpool and vanpool options. 
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CarpoolNow will find ride matches in real time. The app is free and connects you with other people who are on it at the same time as you, and who have the same starting location and final destination as you.
 Get the Mobile App for iOS or Android devices: 
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  • More about CarpoolNow
    CarpoolNow is a live matching system, and is great for last-minute options.  Users please be warned: CarpoolNow may only guarantee you a ride one-way.  It will find you someone who is going to the same place as you, but that doesn’t mean that person is returning to the same starting point that you began with, or is returning to the same original starting point at the same time you would need to return.  However, details like this can be discussed over the app before pick up.
    If you use the app during primetime commute hours in the morning to travel to work, there is a good chance that a person you match with, and ride with, will be returning back to your same original starting place later in the day, and at roughly the same time you would be leaving.  If you know you will be needing a ride back to your original starting place, and do not have a back-up plan, please be aware that this option does not provide a secure assurance that you will be able to ride back with the same person.  For your return trip, you may simply put in a new request for a ride back to your starting point, and match with someone new, but, again, there is not a guarantee that you will find a ride or rider for your return home.

The Transportation Resource Information Point (TRIP) website provides route searches, produces lines on a map to portray your route, and will even display walking points between connecting buses, and to and from buildings.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home provides commuters who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a FREE and reliable ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arise.

Guaranteed Ride Home 


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