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Vision & Mission

Education Core Group Vision

Our vision is that every citizen of Anne Arundel County will be well educated and will have ample opportunities for lifelong learning.


Mission of Office of Education

Our mission is to:

  • serve as the liaison between the County Government and the public-school system, the Community College, the library system and the independent and home-school communities
  • support the visions and missions of the Board of Education, the Community College Board of Trustees and the Public Library Board of Trustees
  • advocate for improved public-school facilities, including smaller, neighborhood schools
  • advocate for high academic standards and strong extra-curricular programming in public schools
  • assist in development of strategies to eliminate educational disparities in public schools
  • support efforts to develop educational alternatives in public schools, including advanced and employer-connected programming and charter, contract and magnet schools
  • support efforts to strengthen the County’s independent-school and home-school communities, and
  • support the Community College’s efforts to improve its physical plant and enhance its programming, and
  • support the library system’s efforts to improve its physical plant, enhance its programming, and assure that all residents of the County are served by a community library.