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COVID-19: Information, Resources, and Cancellations
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How are Federal COVID-19 assistance dollars being spent?

In April 2020, the County Council passed Bill No. 25-20 authorizing the appropriations for the COVID-19 Response efforts. Bill No. 25-20 specifically budgeted U.S. Treasury CARES Funds at eight County agencies: Chief Administrative Officer, Health Department, Police Department, Aging and Disabilities, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, Office of Transportation and Department of Recreation and Parks. Additionally, the Health Department, Department of Aging and Disabilities, and Fire Department have been awarded non-U.S. Treasury Grant Funds.

Categories for expenditures are as follows: Personnel Services (e.g. Salaries & Wages or Overtime); Contractual Services (e.g. Rents and Leases, Management services, or County vehicle repair); materials and Supplies (e.g. Office supplies; Food Supplies; Uniform costs; or Medical and Clinic Supplies); Business and Travel (e.g. Employee Mileage & Costs); Equipment Purchases; and Grants and Contributions.

The drop down menus in the filter section can be used to navigate to the different sources of funding and see how the resources are being spent.



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Data Last Updated: 9/30/20

Expenditure Breakdown By Category