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UPDATE: Voluntary Water Use Restrictions for the Greater Crofton, Odenton, Maryland City and Jessup Areas Continue Until Tomorrow Morning

Annapolis, Maryland (February 23, 2016) - Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works officials are asking public water customers in the greater Crofton, Odenton, Maryland City, and Jessup areas to continue voluntary water use restriction as water supply levels remain low following repairs to the 36-inch raw water supply main at the Crofton Meadows II Water Treatment Plant.  
The plant is now online and beginning to produce water again to restore an adequate water supply. Unfortunately, residents in these areas are asked to continue limiting their non-essential water use until the plant is able to produce the water levels needed to meet emergency needs and the overall demand of the water service area.  DPW officials will provide another update tomorrow morning.
Customers can help by:

·       taking very short showers

·       flushing toilets only when necessary

·       postponing laundry and dish washing

·       waiting to fill hot tubs, pools or large aquariums


The Department of Public Works thanks the residents in these areas for their continued patience and appreciates all efforts to limit their water use until full repairs are completed.  Customers are reminded to call the Bureau of Utility Operations Emergency Services Dispatch Unit at 410-222-8400 for any other water or wastewater issues such as sewer backups, dirty or rusty water, meter issues, water leaks, and concerns about water quality.

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