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Illegally Dumped Debris in Manhole Causes Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Pasadena

Illegally Dumped Debris in Manhole Causes Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Pasadena


Annapolis, Maryland (March 30, 2015) – A sanitary sewer overflow yesterday in Pasadena was caused by illegal dumping of debris in a manhole and resulted in a wastewater spill of 60,750 gallons.  The overflow occurred in a wooded area west of Appalachian Drive near the headwaters of Eli Cove, a tributary of Stony Creek and the Patapsco River.


Department of Public Works (DPW) crews responded to the incident at approximately 12:30 p.m. and used bypass pumps to redirect wastewater flow to clear the blocked area of the sewer main.  Items removed included a four foot wood post, branches, a bucket, and a six foot long aluminum form used for pouring cement. 


“We are fortunate that this act of vandalism did not cause more damage,” said DPW Director Christopher Phipps.  “People can help us protect public safety, the environment, and their own personal property by reporting any illegal dumping or suspicious activities.”


Anyone witnessing this type of vandalism should call 911 immediately or the DPW 24-hour Emergency Dispatch line at410-222-8400.


The area was cleaned, limed, and vacuumed.  Sewage overflow signs were posted and the spill was reported to the County Department of Health and the Maryland Department of the Environment.  County Health officials advise people coming in contact with the affected area to immediately wash well with soap and warm water.  Clothing should also be washed.


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