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Funds Established to Provide Assistance to those Impacted by Capital Gazette Shooting

Annapolis, MD (June 29, 2018) – The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) extends it's deepest sympathy to those employees and their families affected by the tragic shooting yesterday afternoon at the Capital Gazette.
In times like these, getting emergency relief and support to those affected is vital. Experts agree that relief and recovery dollars are often insufficient to meet immediate needs and long-term recovery.
Two CFAAC funds have been established, both of which have been created in response to this incident.
“Tragic events like this bring to light the need for flexible funding that is available when crisis strikes,” said Melissa Curtin, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County. “Those on the front lines need access to dollars that allow them to respond in the moment to victims' immediate needs.”
"Anne Arundel County is a place where the community comes together and responds together in times of crisis. We are there for each other," said County Executive Steve Schuh. "We hope this effort can bring some peace to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy." 
To donate, go to and click on the donate button on the top right where you will be directed to the funds.
The Capital Gazette Families Fund
The Capital Gazette Families Fund has been created by tronc, Inc., the parent company of The Baltimore Sun and the Capital Gazette.
“Yesterday was an incredibly tragic day for our colleagues in Annapolis—a tragedy felt deeply by all of us at our papers across the country," said Justin
Dearborn, Chairman and CEO, tronc, Inc.
"Our hearts go out to the families, friends and coworkers of Gerald Fischman, Robert Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith and Wendi Winters, who died Thursday in the shooting at the Capital Gazette. 
This painful loss of our esteemed colleagues will be remembered forever. They were outstanding people and journalists who we will continue to honor. 
We extend our deepest sympathy and wish a successful recovery to Janel Cooley and Rachael Pacella, who were injured yesterday."
In honor of the Capital Gazette victims, their colleagues, and their families in Annapolis, MD, this fund has been established to provide immediate relief and longterm recovery supports to those individuals directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy. 
Grants can be applied to grief and trauma counseling, medical expenses not covered by insurance, funeral expenses, and other associated expenses and services.
The company is also providing confidential in-person crisis and grief counseling to employees of the Capital Gazette and their families.
Community Crisis Response Fund
The Community Crisis Response Fund will provide flexible financial assistance for needs immediately following a violent incident, natural disaster, or other crisis in our community. 
Funding will go to Anne Arundel County nonprofits, county agencies and departments to support community capacity building and/or community healing. 
The goal of the fund is to improve community safety, well-being and resiliency. Flexible dollars are essential for police officers, firefighters, social workers, mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors, and others to access during crisis response for immediate needs. 
Immediate needs include meals, lodging, blankets, replacement clothing, counseling services, child care, transportation, medication, and others. Almost all crisis funding is restricted by the funding source to very specific services, and this type of funding will be available during a crisis with minimal constraints.
For the purposes of the fund, a crisis is defined as community-wide, trauma-inducing event that may or may not result in life threatening injury or death. 
The crisis must have an impact on the living conditions or health status of the community and prohibits the normal coping capacity and mechanisms within the community.
The criteria and application for these funds are being developed now and will be posted as soon as possible.
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