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Development Moratorium Lifted for the Mayo Sewer Service Area

Annapolis, Maryland (November 1, 2017) - The Allotment Committee voted on October 27, 2017 to officially lift the moratorium on development within the Mayo Sewer Service Area on November 1, 2017.  The moratorium had been in place since 2008 due to wastewater capacity limits at the Mayo Water Reclamation Facility and prohitbited any new sewer connections until expanded wastewater plant upgrades were complete.  The Committee's vote last week to lift the moratorium is in light of the pending completion of the Mayo to Annapolis force main capital project.   

In a letter to the Mayo community, the Allotment Committee..."wanted to assure the community that no large-scale development will take place on the Mayo Peninsula."  Read the Allotment Committee's full letter here.  

With the moratorium no longer in place, the Office of Planning and Zoning estimates that current zoning laws will allow for the construction of 630 units.  However, these units will be developed over the course of several decades and not immediately.  The 45-50 buildable lots now eligible for immediate construction will be subject to zoning restrictions as well as school capacity limitations.  

The County is in the beginning stages of revising its General Development Plan and citizens are encouraged to participate in discussion regarding the future of the Mayo Peninsula.  

Please visit the County's Mayo Peninsula webpage for more information regarding issues affecting the Mayo area.  

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