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County Executive Steve Schuh to Include Funding to Kick Off General Development Plan in Supplemental Budget

Annapolis, MD (June 9, 2017) – Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh announced today his proposed 2017 supplemental budget plan will include funding to accelerate the General Development Plan in response to community concerns across the County.

“We believe this funding will address the community’s concerns regarding a roadmap for our County’s future,” said Schuh.  “We need to ensure we plan effectively to support the quality of life of our citizens.”

Since this winter, the Department of Planning and Zoning has been developing a comprehensive transportation master plan for the county, the first step in the General Development Process. The $50,000 in funding proposed by the County Executive would be earmarked for public input and planning in advance of the masterplan.

"Public outreach and discussion is a vital part of the General Development Plan process," said Councilmember Chris Trumbauer. "Adding funding into the upcoming budget sends a strong signal that the County is outlining a deliberate, thoughtful process."

"My constituents on the Broadneck Peninsula have expressed repeated concerns regarding congestion and overdevelopment, " said Councilman Michael Peroutka. "Starting the General Development Plan early will help to ensure their concerns are heard."

"This proposal will ensure citizens in Pasadena, Riviera Beach, and Lake Shore will have a role in shaping the future of our County," said Councilman Derek Fink. "Community input is critical as we chart the course for future generations." 

As a charter county, Anne Arundel County is granted planning and zoning powers by Article 25A of the Annotated Code of Maryland.  Article 66B (Land Use) of the State Code also includes some requirements for comprehensive planning that apply to charter counties.  The Anne Arundel County Code designates the Office of Planning and Zoning to prepare and periodically update a comprehensive plan to guide growth and development.

Anne Arundel County has had a General Development Plan since 1968, with updates in 1978, 1986, 1997, and most recently, 2009.  Historically, the County has revised or amended the GDP to reflect demographic, economic, social, and environmental changes that have occurred.  The 1997 General Development Plan also incorporated policy recommendations that comply with Maryland's Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act of 1992 and related "Smart Growth" legislation.


The County Executive’s supplement budget plan will be submitted to the County Council June 9th. 

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