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County Executive Steve Schuh Releases Statement on Auditor Theresa Sutherland’s Budget Comments

Annapolis, MD (June 5, 2015) – County Executive Steve Schuh today released the following statement on Auditor Theresa Sutherland’s suggested budget recommendations:


“I thank the Auditor for her efforts to ensure we continue to be responsible stewards of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. However, I feel some of her suggested policy recommendations are irresponsible." 


“Our citizens demand significant and real tax relief, which is why I proposed a $19 million tax cut. While we are in favor of fee reductions, a temporary reduction of water bills is no substitute for a substantive and long-term cut in taxes."


"Furthermore an administration initiative is now underway to study the county's entire fee structure.  It is premature to single out water bills at this time.”


“Many of the Auditor’s recommended policy changes in the capital budget will undermine our efforts to enhance infrastructure and improve the quality of life here in the county.  Elimination of these projects will slow our progress and make us less competitive with our neighbors.”


Crofton High School


“Anne Arundel County high schools have grown too large and a new high school is a critical necessity. The Crofton area has been waiting more than 20 years for their county to make this commitment. I urge Chairman Walker to take maintain this budget item for his community.” 


Route 2 Bike Bridge


“The bicycle crossing between the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail and the Broadneck peninsula is dangerous. A Route 2 Bike Bridge is vitally important to the safety and well-being of those who bike as a primary means of transportation or for recreation.”


Riviera Beach Library


“To maintain a stronger and vibrant library system, we must begin to replace libraries that have outlived their useful life. The current Riviera Beach library is in deplorable condition and sorely needs replacement.”


Millersville Tennis Center


“The Millersville Tennis Center will be an important amenity that will serve the entire county’s recreation needs.”


Odenton Parking Garage


“The Odenton Town Center Project has stagnated because of repeated failures of the county to invest in critical infrastructure.  This parking facility will assist in sparking a broad range of private development to allow Odenton reach its potential as an economic engine for the county.”  


“I ask the County Council to reject these policy recommendations and support my budget that will fund much-needed infrastructure.” 

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