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County Executive Steve Schuh Presents Rural Conservation Line Legislation to County Council

Legislation Will Help Address Over-development Concerns 

Annapolis, MD (November 14, 2016) –At today's County Council work session, County Executive Steve Schuh presented legislation to establish a Rural Conversation Line across Anne Arundel County to conserve the most environmentally sensitive areas.

“Our existing array of preservation and conservation tools are no match for the economic forces that are driving development,” said Schuh. “Our rural conservation line legislation will help address the long term problem of over-development in our county.”

The legislation that will be proposed to both the County Council and General Assembly would:

  • Establish into code a Rural Conservation Area consisting of the County’s most rural and vulnerable area as well as a Rural Conservation Line demarcating the boundary between managed growth and the Rural Conservation Area (see attached map)
  • Require a supermajority vote of the County Council to expand public water and sewer into the Rural Conservation Area
  • Require a supermajority vote of the County Council for up-zoning of property in the Rural Conservation Area.
  • Requires that 40% of the County’s land mass must remain in the Rural Conservation Area.

The goal of the legislation is establish a very clear and unambiguous line for every citizen of this County to understand where development be permitted and where it will not.

“A clear understanding by the general public through the Rural Conservation Line is the surest way to safeguard our preservation lands for generations to come,” said Schuh.

The bill to the County Council will have its public hearing December 5th. 

Rural Conservation Area Map

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