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County Executive Steve Schuh, Council Chairman Jerry Walker Propose Repeal of Stormwater Management Fee

Annapolis, MD (February 27, 2015) – County Executive Steve Schuh and Council Chairman Jerry Walker today announced a proposal to repeal Anne Arundel County’s stormwater management fee.  In addition, Councilman Michael Peroutka will co-sponsor the legislation. 

“Council Chairman Walker and I understand Anne Arundel working families and small businesses have been burdened with too many high taxes and fees,” said Schuh. “I thank the Council Chairman for his leadership on this issue. This legislation is the best way to provide tax relief to the citizens of Anne Arundel County while meeting our obligations to clean our rivers and streams.  We will fully fund the infrastructure upgrades and repairs using alternative funding sources.”

The proposed legislation will responsibly phase out the stormwater fee through a 33% reduction in fiscal year 2017, 33% reduction in fiscal year 2018, and complete repeal in fiscal year 2019. By 2020, the county will fully fund the current stormwater programs through others means, including the general fund.

“This legislation will repeal the rain tax in a manner that provides relief to county residents and ensures we fund the storm water management program,” said Councilman Jerry Walker. “Historically, the county has financed its stormwater program out of general fund revenue without additional fees on our citizens.  By returning to this method, we alleviate another financial burden on the taxpayers of Anne Arundel County.”

“I favor the elimination of this rain tax burden on property owners,” said Councilman Michael Peroutka.  “The ability of families and businesses to survive and to thrive must be my paramount concern.  I am hopeful that this tax can be undone as soon as possible.”

The storm water management fee was established in 2013. Currently, Anne Arundel residents pay $34 per year for each town home, $85 for a single family residence. Non-residential stormwater fee charges are based on a property owner's actual measured impervious surface area for individual parcels of land.

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