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County Executive Steve Schuh Announces Reduced Improvement Plan for Beverly Triton Beach Park

Annapolis, MD (April 3, 2017) –Keeping with his commitment to extensive public input on the proposed park improvements to Beverly Triton Beach Park in May, County Executive Steve Schuh today announced his FY2018 budget proposal will include a scaled down improvement plan for the small, community park.

“During last year’s budget, we committed to sustained and continue public engagement on improvements to Beverly Triton Beach Park,” said Schuh. “Our new proposal will drastically reduce the park’s impact on the surrounding community, and will provide the needed security and environmental investments requested by the community.”

The proposed plan: 

  • Eliminates a proposed beach expansion for supervised swimming to ensure the surrounding environment remains in its natural state.
  • Eliminates a proposed disc golf course to ensure the park retains its passive character.
  • Reduces the proposed parking spaces by more than 30%, from 150 to 96 spaces, to ensure amount of visitors that will not burden the surrounding community.

In addition, the County will incorporate additional safeguards requested by the surrounding community including:

  • An improved guard house and gate to ensure the park is only used during operating hours.
  • Funding to improve and protect the shoreline along the park and control the erosion that threatens the surrounding natural habitat.

“This plan addresses a vast majority of the concerns brought for by residents during our extensive public outreach over the last year,” said Schuh. “I look forward to working with the Council to ensure we continue to improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Residents of the Mayo Peninsula can find out more about the investments the county is making in their community by visiting:

The proposal will be submitted to the County Council for funding approval on May 1st. The FY2018 budget will be finalized by the County Council by June 15th.

Beverly Trinton Beach Plan

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