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County Executive Steve Schuh Announces Paid Leave Plan for Anne Arundel County’s Temporary Workforce

Annapolis, MD (December 8, 2017) –  Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh today announced a paid sick leave proposal for County government personnel. 

“No employee in county government should fear a loss of income due to illness,” said Schuh. “We are committed to instituting a common sense leave program for every public servant who is committed to improving the quality of life their fellow citizens.”

Currently, temporary/contractual employees are not eligible for any paid leave with the County.  As part of the paid time off initiative, the temporary/contractual employee must work at least 30 hours per week and the employee must have worked for the County in their current position for at least 120 continuous days.

Once the eligible temporary/contractual employee meets the 120 days of continuous employment, temporary/contractual employees will begin to earn one hour of paid time off for each 30 hours that they work not to exceed 40 hours. The paid time off could be used when an employee is sick or for other personal reasons.

The proposal would affect approximately 850 of the County’s eligible contractual, temporary/seasonal employees. 

The County Executive has directed the Office of Personnel to formulate the County-wide policy and will require each Department to implement internal procedures on how employees will request the use of paid time off from their supervisor.

The estimated cost of extending paid leave to the county’s contractual employees in FY2018 is $100,000. The initiative would also be funded as part of the County Executive’s FY2019 budget proposal.  

The target date for the policy to become effective is February 2018, pending County Council approval.

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