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County Executive Steve Schuh Announces Expanded Sexual Harassment Education Program

Training Will Reinforce Mutual Respect in the Workplace by County Leaders


Annapolis, MD (November 30, 2017) – Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh today announced every appointed member of his Cabinet will attend an expanded sexual harassment education program seminar implemented by Compliance Officer Alanna Dennis.


“Public servants in leadership roles must set the right example for their employees and the citizens we serve,” said Schuh. “Every one of our department heads needs to understand the law and our expectation of appropriate behavior at the workplace.”


The seminar will be mandated for every appointed member of County Government in a leadership position, including the County Executive himself.


“These efforts are meant to demonstrate to every citizen that Anne Arundel County government is united in our efforts to effectively prevent, or successfully address, incidents of improper, unacceptable behavior at all levels of government,” said Schuh.


The Compliance Office will also incorporate additional gender discrimination and sexual harassment training material into the mandatory Diversity Compliance Training that all County employees will receive.  These actions will ensure training of all employees as to the policy, law and expectation of appropriate behavior at the workplace.


In September, Schuh unveiled a comprehensive human relations plan that included Anne Arundel United, a community outreach campaign to engage every citizen and community in the fight against hatred through a community ambassador program.


For more information on the County’s efforts, residents can go to:

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