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Charter Revision Commission Seeks Comments on Proposed County Charter Updates Draft Report

Annapolis, Md (May 11, 2022) The Anne Arundel County Charter Revision Commission’s Draft Report on the Charter has been made available for public review and comment. A copy is available on the Commission’s website. Members of the public are encouraged to comment on this report through May 25, 2022 using the Commission’s online testimony tool

The draft report includes a summary of the issues the Commission was asked to examine, their findings and conclusions, and their proposals for amendments to the County Charter, which is the constitution for Anne Arundel County. Examples of the issues examined include changing the term limits of Councilmembers and using gender-neutral terminology throughout the Charter. 

A final report will be adopted by the Commission on May 31, 2022 and forwarded to the County Council for their consideration. A Charter amendment adopted by resolution of the County Council before August will go out to the voters of Anne Arundel County in the form of a question on the November 2022 ballot. If a majority of the voters support a Charter amendment it will become law in December. 

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