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Calvert Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Anne Arundel County Murder

Annapolis, MD -- Anne Arundel County State's Attorney Wes Adams announced today that Christopher Scheibe, 29, of Calvert County, was sentenced by Judge Paul Harris to life in prison for the 2016 first degree murder of a young woman whose body was found in a wooded area behind 2006 Industrial Drive in Annapolis, and 30 years in prison for the 2012 second degree murder of a young woman whose body was found in the wooded area behind BJ's Wholesale club in Pasadena.


"Deceitful and manipulative to his core, Christopher Scheibe cannot be trusted to function within civilized society," said Anne Arundel County State's Attorney Wes Adams. "Our community is safer now that he will spend the remainder of his life paying the price for these unfathomably brutal murders. While I know the victims' families continue to be haunted by the loss of their loved ones, I hope this sentence offers them some semblance of comfort and closure."


On May 31, 2016 police responded to the area of 2006 Industrial Drive in Annapolis for a report of a body found in the wooded area behind the business complex. The Chief Medical Examiner determined the victim had suffered 27 stabbing and cutting injuries. Utilizing a forensic entomologist, it was determined that the body had been decomposing for several days before May 31.  


Police located a vehicle that had blood/DNA inside of it parked in the lot of the complex.  That vehicle had been reported stolen from a Calvert County body shop on the 26th of May. The blood/DNA located inside of the vehicle was later determined to be that of the victim, Ms. Holly Smith, and the defendant, Christopher Scheibe.


Video surveillance footage from May 27 also put Scheibe in the area where Ms. Smith's body was found.  This footage showed Scheibe both in the vehicle and on foot as he walked from the complex leaving the vehicle and the victim behind.  


Scheibe was arrested and admitted to the murder of Ms. Smith, as well as the 2012 murder of Ms. Jessica Lee.


On August 26, 2012 police responded to the area behind 8145 Ritchie Hwy. in Pasadena, where they located the mostly skeletal remains of a female victim.  Those remains were sent to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and examined by an Assistant Medical Examiner and forensic anthropologist.  It was determined that the victim had suffered from multiple stabbing and cutting injuries and died as a result of those injuries.  DNA was collected and helped police to identify the victim, Ms. Jessica Lee.  


Police conducted a thorough investigation and learned that the victim had last been seen in the company of Schiebe on May 8, 2012 and had not been seen since then.  


Scheibe also had an angel tattooed on his side that included the name of the victim and the date 5-9-12.  


Scheibe was interviewed in 2016 and admitted to his involvement in both murders. He pleaded guilty on August 2, 2017.


"I am exceptionally proud of the work that my prosecutors did on this case. In addition to successfully prosecuting Ms. Smith's brutal murder, with little additional evidence from 2012, they were able to close Ms. Lee's murder and bring justice to her family," continued Adams. "I want to thank the Anne Arundel County Police Department's homicide detectives for their dogged pursuit of justice in this case. Their relentless efforts allowed us to remove a very dangerous man from our community."


Judge Paul Harris presided over both of these cases.  Deputy State's Attorney Jonathon Church and Assistant State's Attorney Amanda Matey prosecuted these cases on behalf of the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

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