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Anne Arundel County Receives Over $100 Million in Federal Funding for COVID Response

Today County Executive Steuart Pittman announced that Anne Arundel County has received it's local portion of funding from the federal CARES Act for COVID response. 

Statement from County Executive Pittman:

"Late yesterday afternoon Anne Arundel County received a $101,071,866.30 direct payment from the US Treasury. This is our local share of the COVID response funding in the federal CARES Act.

I want to thank our Congressional delegation, and especially Senator Van Hollen and Senator Cardin. The original proposal for a federal stimulus bill excluded the local governments on the front lines of the coronavirus response. Our Maryland Senators helped fix that.

Thanks to the emergency coronavirus response bill passed by our County Council on Monday, we have a system in place to move these funds quickly for the purchase of PPE, for food assistance, and to patch the holes left in state and federal aid to our residents and businesses.

These funds can only be used on COVID-19 related expenses and we will be tracking and accounting for these funds and reporting monthly to the County Council and the public through our OpenArundel website.

My team is firing on all cylinders to put the right programs in place at the right time, but our residents know the needs in our communities best. If you have an idea for a program to help us #SlowtheSpread of this virus or support people who need help, email [email protected]."

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