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Anne Arundel County Provides New App to Make Recycling Easier

Annapolis, Maryland (April 30, 2020) – Anne Arundel County has partnered with Recycle Coach, the largest recycling education network, to offer an easy to use app that will further enhance the County's ability to effectively and quickly communicate information to residents regarding the recycling program, curbside collection services, Recycling Centers and the Millersville Landfill.  The Recycle Coach™ app is now available to County residents on mobile devices and desktop computers and builds upon the success of the Recycle More and Recycle Right initiative.

Features of the Recycle Coach™ app are designed to provide informative and educational communication instantly.  Providing residents with immediate information through this app will diminish the need for time consuming phone calls or email correspondences. 

The Recycle Coach "My Schedule" feature provides curbside collection customers in the County with up to date notifications and information regarding:

  • Curbside Collection Service and Schedule
  • Holiday Impact on:
    • Curbside Collection Day
    • Landfill and County Recycling Center's operations
  • Household Hazardous Waste event dates
  • Upcoming Public Recycling Outreach events
  • Personalized Reminders
  • And more …

Another powerful feature is the "What Goes Where?" function.  The search engine helps residents correctly sort thousands of recycling, yard waste or trash items.  Providing the collection requirements and instructions ensures effective customer service at the curb, the County Recycling Centers and the Landfill. 

The Recycle Coach™ app is not only a communication platform, but an educational one as well. The Department of Public Works, Waste Management Services aims to increase the County’s recycling knowledge and elevate recycling in the local environmental conversation by making the recycling program simple, engaging, and easy to navigate.

The Recycle Coach™ app is free to download and it is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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