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Anne Arundel County Animal Control Name Change

Anne Arundel County Animal Control (AACAC), a section of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, is changing its name to Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control (AACACC). The new name highlights the section’s efforts to not only provide enforcement of domestic animal laws, but also to highlight the care services provided to the thousands of sick, injured, abandoned, lost, surrendered and abused animals it takes in each year. In 2017 AACACC saved domestic animal lives by finding 1,605 new homes through adoption, reuniting 770 lost and stray pets with their families and releasing 891 pets to our animal rescue partners.

In recent years AACACC has added various programs that save lives and enrich the lives of animals in the shelter’s care, including using volunteers to help take care of animals at the shelter and foster programs, which provide a temporary home for animals waiting for adoption. AACACC has strengthened partnerships with rescue groups to help with placement of animals, to move animals to new locations to increase chances of adoption and to help with placement of animals that may need additional assistance finding the most appropriate homes. AACACC has joined statewide and nationwide efforts to boost adoptions, participating in programs like the “Maryland 2,000” and “Clear the Shelters Day”. AACACC has expanded access to services for the public, including increasing its open hours, adding extended hours for rabies vaccinations and microchip procedures, and recently connecting community cat caregivers with available resources in the community. The section has been hosting numerous awareness/adoption events each year to increase interaction with the public, increase adoptions and increase awareness of the facility and its services. In addition to all the efforts to increase life saving measures once animals come to the facility, AACACC is also a multi-year recipient of funding through the Maryland Department of Agriculture to offer FREE spay/neuter to low income pet owners in hopes of reducing the intake and euthanasia of animals.

The aforementioned programs and efforts are just a few highlights of ways the “Animal Control” section has evolved into “Animal Care & Control”. The County Executive, the Chief of Police, the Animal Welfare Council, the volunteers and the staff at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control are enthusiastic about this change that more appropriately encompasses the sections efforts. Please join us in embracing the name change and spreading the word.

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