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Lost & Found Pets in Anne Arundel County, MD.


Phone Number Change!

UPDATE 2/16/2021 - The phone number has recently changed.

To report a lost or found pet, text the word LOST or FOUND to (833) 689-0855.

Data rates may apply.


Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, thanks to the financial support of Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Inc., has kicked off an innovative new program using text messaging to get more lost animals back home where they belong. We hope this will be especially helpful as the shelter works to minimize the number of animals coming into the shelter and maximize reunification during the COVID-19 crisis. 

One of the biggest problem’s owners face is lack of knowledge. The average person who loses a pet doesn’t have knowledge of lost pet behavior, evidence-based strategies, or which shelters are nearby, often causing them to either give up their search.

The shelter’s newest approach to this problem is an automated text messaging program called Lost2Found. When an owner opts in by texting the word LOSTPET to (833) 689-0855, they are guided through the entire process of finding a lost pet, from links to view animals on local shelters’ websites to in-depth video tutorials.

When a finder opts in by texting the word FOUNDPET to (833) 689-0855, they are shown the proper methods of helping get a lost pet get home, the laws regarding found pets and the process for becoming the potential adopter if the pet’s owner isn’t found. 

Msg and data rates may apply, up to 15 messages per month. Reply STOP to (833) 689-0855 to cancel at anytime. Terms at
and privacy policy available at

Animal Care & Control also uses See Click Fix so owners who lose a pet (lost pet reporting at,
or community members who find a pet (found pet reporting at and want to try to find the pets owners can file a report online with pictures, making it easier than ever for owners and finders of pets to make matches. If the owner of a found pet isn’t found within 24 hours, the pet by law should be brought to Animal Care & Control’s facility the centralized location for all owners of lost pets to look for their pet. 

Animal Care & Control hopes that the combination of these innovative strategies will lead to the highest return-to-owner rate in the shelter’s history, reuniting more families and creating much needed kennel space. 

Lost and Found Pets

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