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2015 Anne Arundel County Delegation Wrap-Up

The first year of many new faces and changes has ended in the Anne Arundel County Delegation of the Maryland House of Delegates. We began the year with five new faces. Delegate Ned Carey, Delegate Mark Chang, Delegate Seth Howard, Delegate Sid Saab and Delegate Meagan Simonaire. Delegate Cathy Vitale left the Legislature for the Judiciary in early February and Delegate Michael Malone joined us. The newly elected members and returning members elected Delegate Pamela G. Beidle chair of the Delegation and Delegate Ted Sophocleus vice-chairman.

The Delegation dedicated itself to meeting the needs of the citizens of the county, and the people of Maryland. The year began with the dedication of the Anne Arundel County Delegation room in memory of Delegate Tyras S. Bunk Athey. County Executive and former Delegate Steve Schuh was the first on the Delegation agenda, along with Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides. Following the Executive branches of local government, we heard from the County Council President Jerry Walker and Councilman Chris Trumbauer. Dr. Arlotto, Superintendent of Schools and the County School Board President Stacey Korbelak gave an update on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

An entire meeting was dedicated to the heroin problem in the county. The chiefs of police and fire and the county health officer informed the Delegation of the problem and the solutions that are being implemented in the county. The majority of the remaining meetings were presentations by individual Legislators on their proposed legislation, followed by voting one week after a bill presentation. The Bond Bill subcommittee met to make recommendations to the Delegation on the Bond Bills. The Education subcommittee met on three education bills and made their recommendations to the Delegation also.

 Twenty-nine bills came before the Delegation in 2015. Twelve of those were Bond Bills for Anne Arundel County. Below is a list of Anne Arundel County bills that passed both the House and Senate in the Maryland General Assembly in 2015. Included is a list of the Bond Bill Requests and the amount of budget allocated to each. There were 1292 bills in all presented to the House of Delegates this year.

 HB 27: Task force on Disposition of Crownsville Hospital Center Property

HB173- Workers Compensation- Heart Disease and Hypertension presumption- AAC Detention Officers. – Anne Arundel Delegation

HB447-City of Annapolis-Alcoholic Beverages- Election Days- Anne Arundel Delegation

HB555- Semi-permanent Food Service Facilities- Wastewater Disposal

HB848 AAC Public Schools Funding Accountability and Transparency Act- Anne Arundel Delegation

The following were Bond Bills which were approved by the House and Senate with the amounts granted. The budget will then be forwarded to the Governor for his signature or veto.

Broadneck HS Field House- $210,000

 Camp Woodlands Restoration Project - $250,000

Chesapeake Arts Center- $150,000

Glen Burnie Masonic Lodge 213- $150,000

Harambee House Community Outreach Center- $125,000

James Brice House- $250,000

Pasadena Baseball Club- $50,000

Samartin House -$100,000

Southern HS Athletic Improvement- $20,000

Thank you to all of the Delegation and Staff for your hard work this session. Remember the Legislative Priorities forum and give us the names of those organizations that you would like to have invitations. Thank you for helping us get citations out quickly during interim.

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