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Gardening in Winter (Cancelled)

Sat. Nov 17, 2018 1:00pm - 2:30pm
8311 Johns Downs Loop Pasadena, MD.

Join Elizabeth Elliott, owner of Himmel's Landscape and Garden Center, for a look at gardening in the Winter in our region. Enjoy the beauty of your winter garden!

Improve the aesthetics of your winter garden while enhancing the habitat for birds and small wildlife. Learn winter maintenance basics that will help you prepare for spring- and your best garden ever. Finally, discover winter vegetable gardening, and seed starting for spring! This approximately 90 minute program will meet at the Downs Park Chesapeake Room.

Park Ranger David Devault will also be on hand to talk about garden volunteer opportunities at the park. Gate fees apply, however the program is free. For more information, or to preregister (required) email [email protected], or call 410-222-6230.

Park Ranger Dave Devault [email protected] 410-222-6230