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COVID-19: Information, Resources, and Cancellations
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Taking Tea (Cancelled)

Tue. Mar 17, 2020 8:00am - 8:30am
Catherine L. O'Malley Senior Center 1275 Odenton Road Odenton, MD 21113 (410) 222-6227
TEATIME ACROSS THE CENTRUIES Tuesday, March 17, 1:00. Learn about the history of the tea drink and the tradition of taking tea as an afternoon snack or evening meal. Learn about the differences between high tea, low tea, and afternoon tea. The similarities and differences between various popular tea types will be discussed in addition to an exploration of the history of classic tea treats such as the English Muffin, the crumpet, the scone, and clotted cream. Presentation will be followed by the opportunity to taste hot tea and assorted tea cakes. Presented by Joyce White.