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Black Rhinoceros to Perform

Wed. Feb 13, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Catherine L. O'Malley Senior Center 1275 Odenton Road Odenton, MD 21113 (410) 222-6227
Wednesday, February 13th, 12:00—1:00. Join us for an early Valentine’s Day Celebration. Black Rhinoceros is Ahren Field (guitar/voice) and Erin Snedecor (cello/voice). The two play a wide variety of music ranging from classic rock, jazz, pop, folk, Americana and their own indie originals. The duo formed in 2013 as an off shoot of their full electric band, after arranging the band’s tunes for just cello and guitar when the rest of the band couldn’t make the gig. Since then, their sound has taken on a life of its own, ranging from intimate confessionals to bluegrass jams to all out rock. Party refreshments to be served. Bring a friend if you’d like.