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LEOSA Testing

Mon. Jan 10, 2022 5:00pm - Sat. Jan 22, 2022 8:00pm
Police Training Center

LEOSA Registration

Applicants can register using the online registration form or the PDF application. The online registration form is the preferred method however emailed applications will be accepted. If you use the PDF application, email the completed application to [email protected].

All applications must be to the academy at least 14 days prior to the LEOSA date or it will not be processed. Please ensure that your full name (First, Middle, and Last) and Date of Birth are included on the application. 

Application Process/Testing Requirements

Upon the academy receiving the background check, the applicant will get an email confirmation, that confirmation and a RETIRED COUNTY POLICE ID must be brought to the academy for admission to LEOSA.  If you do not have a retired AACO Identification Card, please contact the Police Technology Section at (410) 222-3021 for further details on how to acquire one.

Visit for more information about Retired AACO Police (LEOSA Information)

[email protected] (410) 222-3021