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Mayo Peninsula Development


In 2008, the County imposed a building moratorium on the Mayo and Glebe Heights service areas because the wastewater treatment plants were at capacity. More than $29 million of construction in new sewer mains and upgrades to the Annapolis and Mayo treatment plants are now complete.
The moratorium was lifted upon completion of these infrastructure improvements. There are currently 45-50 units of construction slated to begin, all of which will be subject to zoning restrictions as well as school capacity limitations. South River High School is currently at capacity. The Southpointe community was granted a waiver from the moratorium because the developer agreed to personally expand wastewater capacity in Glebe Heights.
The Department of Planning and Zoning estimates that current zoning will allow for construction of up to 630 units in the future for the Mayo Peninsula. This number would unfold over several decades.
Citizens are encouraged to participate in discussions over the future of the Mayo Peninsula. The Department of Planning and Zoning's Long Range Planning Division begun the General Development Plan (GDP) update process. The GDP adoption is scheduled for late 2019. The County has already initiated "Listening Sessions" in every community leading up to the plan update, and has taken steps to make that process more transparent, interactive and responsive.