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Anne Arundel County's Transportation is the recipient of the Ridesharing/Commuter Assistance Program grant. The Commuter Crew coordinates the program to reduce traffic congestion and improve the air quality of Anne Arundel County. The CMAQ Rideshare funds are administered by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA).
Please check out the Commuter Crew's service page to Explore Travel Options that the Rideshare funds support.
But why share the ride? Alleviating traffic means commutes get shorter and less stressful. In addition to that, people who share their ride can:
  • Save money on gas
  • Save money on parking
  • Spend less on maintaining their personal vehicle
  • Use HOV lanes, and get to their destination even faster
  • Reduce stress by taking turns being the driver and the rider
Most people start their Ridesharing experience with commuting to work. Worried about the kids getting sick? What if a supervisor asks you to work late and your carpool leaves without you? There's Guaranteed Ride Home!


  • Guaranteed Ride Home
    Guaranteed Ride Home is free for anyone who shares their ride at least twice each week and cannot use that mode of transportation to get home. As long as a commuter carpools, vanpools, uses transit, or bikes or walks to work, they are eligible.
  • Rides to New York
    Now you can share your ride all the way to New York! The Megabus stops at the Harry S. Truman Park and Ride lot in Annapolis to pick folks up for a trip to New York. 
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