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Corridor Growth Management Plan

The Corridor Growth Management Plan was completed in July 2012. The Study was conducted by a consultant team under the direction of the Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) and was 80% funded through a Federal transportation planning grant.
As the County continues to experience growth in population and employment, it faces both challenges to mobility and quality of life that are associated with that growth. The objective of this project is to seek concept-level transportation solutions with impacts and costs for various alternatives for the nine regional and four connector corridors identified within the County. This project will bring elements of the recently adopted General Development Plan (2009); GDP Background Report on Transportation, (2008) and the Anne Arundel County Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, (2003) together into the Corridor Growth Management Plan document.
The goal of the transportation study is to identify, analyze, and understand the relationship between land use patterns and the mobility and accessibility constraints and opportunities within the County and their interaction within the region. In other words, this study needs to provide "smart" transportation improvements that decrease congestion along the corridor, enhance travel choices, and improve safety for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians while not substantially changing the character of the corridors. This document and the proposed recommendations will assist County planners, land developers, decision makers, and budgets regarding future investments and improvements for highway, transit (bus and rail), non-motorized facilities such as paths and trails as well as intermodal connections such as Park and Rides.
The effort includes review and revision to Countywide travel forecasting and travel demand models, traffic data collection, traffic and transit operations analyses, modeling of existing and future roadway networks, and review and development of functional roadway classifications within the specified corridors, system and demand management strategies, multi-modal alternatives development including cross-section elements and public outreach.
The Final Report and Executive Summary for the study are available digitally under the Quick Links section of this web page.  Printed copies are available from the Office of Planning and Zoning at a cost of $40.00 for the full Final Report and $2.50 for the Executive Summary.