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Parole Mobility Study

Parole Mobility Study for the Parole Master Plan Update

Annapolis Towne Centre

The Mobility Study for the Parole Town Center Master Plan will support the Office of Planning and Zoning’s update of the Parole Urban Design Concept Plan (PUDCP), the master plan for the Parole Growth Management Area (PGMA). The draft Vision of the PUDCP states that Parole will be a community that is redeveloped and revitalized to serve the region as an economic and transportation hub, absorbing much of the County’s growth pressure into a well-designed urban place, while respecting and enhancing the character of its less urban surroundings. The purpose of this study is to identify necessary short-term and long-term improvements to meet the Parole Town Center’s future multi-modal mobility needs and provide a connected transportation network supporting all users of the right-of-way including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists.



This spreadsheet presents a list of specific recommendations for physical improvements to improve mobility for bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular travel. NOTE: there are multiple tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet that describe each category.

Cross Sections for Specific Roads

This spreadsheet presents recommendations for cross sections for specific roads.


A virtual public meeting was held November 19, 2020, where the presentation below was provided followed by a question and answer session. Below is a spreadsheet that summarizes the questions asked and answers provided that were transcribed during the meeting.


The recommendations for improvements to bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular mobility are summarized in this PowerPoint presentation (also to be presented at the Live Q&A) and directs you to the spreadsheets below for more detailed information.

Parole Town Center Master Plan Study AreaClick Image To View Full Size

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