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"Move Anne Arundel" Transportation Plan


Transportation Functional Master Plan (TFMP)


What is this project about?

The Transportation Functional Master Plan will integrate 5 component studies and recommend improvements to the County’s transportation network to enhance mobility and accessibility within local and state fiscal constraints.
The goal of the TFMP shall be to Identify * Analyze * Understand the relationship between land use patterns and the mobility and accessibility constraints and opportunities within the County.  The final product of this effort shall be a logical, cohesive and comprehensive assessment of multimodal transportation issues, opportunities and recommendations in Anne Arundel County that can be programmed to the year 2045.
Over the course of a year, the Office of Transportation has worked with stakeholders to develop a framework that will serve as a guide on how we should approach transportation planning in Anne Arundel County. Move Anne Arundel! will be the county’s first Transportation Functional Master Plan as per the recommendation in the 2009 General Development Plan.
Countywide Goals and Objectives    

Recommended Investment Priorities


More details about the Transportation Functional Master Plan (TFMP):




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