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Sheriff's Ride Along Program

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office participates in a ride along program that provides citizens the opportunity to learn what a typical day in the life of a  deputy sheriff  is like.  This program encourages community involvement in law enforcement, opens lines of communications between the Sheriff''s Office  and citizens, and educates the public in the duties of the Sheriff.  The program is designed to allow residents, community leaders and job applicants the opportunity to accompany a deputy sheriff during his or her tour of duty and gives a better understanding of Sheriff's Office operations.  

Prior to participating in the program, interested individuals must complete the Ride Along Request Form at the link below.  All information in the form must be completed.

Completing this request does not guarantee that your ride along will be approved.  You will receive an email within 10 business days to follow up on your request.  If approved for a ride along, please print out, complete, and sign the  Sheriff's Ride Along Waiver form. Bring it and a valid government ID with you on the date and time of your scheduled ride along.

NO WEAPONS of any kind  will be allowed on the ride along.  Deputies will verify that there are no weapons prior to beginning the ride along.  Appropriate attire is required for the ride along.  Baggy clothing, clothing with inappropriate wording or slogans etc. will NOT be allowed.  A Sheriff's supervisor will always have final say in this and any other Ride Along matter. 

Please call (410) 222-1570 with any questions concerning the ride along program.