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Safe Stations

Safe Stations is an innovative new program that shifts barriers to treatment for those members of our community who are eager to recover from drug addiction. Persons seeking treatment for addiction can visit any police or fire station across the county, day or night, to dispose of any paraphernalia and find assistance gaining access to care. 

Upon arrival, the participant will undergo a medical evaluation. Should immediate medical attention be required, he or she will be transported to the appropriate medical facility. The Crisis Response Team will be notified of the participant’s transportation, and be prepared to retrieve him or her once the medical issue is resolved.

If the participant does not require immediate medical attention, Crisis Response will be brought to the station, and will begin working with the participant to identify the best destination for treatment.

Should a participant be barred from treatment facilities due to an active arrest warrant, the Office of the State’s Attorney will review their case and recommend that non-violent offenders be released to the care of Crisis Response. Participants will then have the ability to participate in recovery programs before addressing any outstanding legal issues.

The Safe Stations program creates a unique opportunity to address the underlying behavior, the addiction, that drives people to commit crimes in support of their habit. When the small window of opportunity presents itself - when someone battling addiction reaches out for help - we must act fast to get them into treatment. 

The Office of the State’s Attorney recognizes that those who have begun the process of recovery are in a better position to become law-abiding members of society, and urges those suffering from addiction to seek help in the resources made available by this cooperative effort.