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Recreation and Parks Vision & Mission

Land Use Core Group Vision


Our vision is that development in Anne Arundel County will proceed in a manner that is well planned and respectful of private property rights; ensures that our citizens live and work in safe structures; provides the infrastructure necessary to support and enhance our quality of life; promotes economic expansion and job creation; protects our open spaces and historic structures; and offers ample opportunities for recreation, athletic participation and interaction with our natural environment.


Mission of the Department of Recreation and Parks

Our mission is to:

  • enrich the lives of our citizens by offering quality active and passive recreation opportunities and accessible youth and adult services while pursuing the preservation and enhancement of our natural, cultural and historic resources
  • develop and operate regional and community parks throughout the County
  • expand the County’s network of bike trails and citizen access to our waterways, and 
  • manage and expand open spaces pursuant to the County’s land-use plan.