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Forms & Publications

Name Type More Information
Weekly report listing active volunteers' name, city of residence and the date of completion of the background check.
Report Volunteer Background Check
Form to add or drop adult participants in organized league sports.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
Adult team sports roster to be completed by the head coach for organized league sports.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
Disclosure and authorization for the procurement of a background investigative.
Form (PDF) Volunteer Background Check
Información Importante sobre lo que es la Concusión/Conmoción Cerebral y el Paro Cardíaco Súbito.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
The Concussion Awareness form is required for each youth organization participating in Anne Arundel County organized sports.
Form (PDF)
Este contrato debe ser completado y firmado por el jugador juvenil y su padre/madre/guardián.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
Este formulario debe ser completado y enviado al Departamento de Recreación y Parques para su aprobación, con el fin de que el contrato sea válido.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
A list of field and gym addresses and directions.
The contract must be completed by each youth player and their parent who participates in County organized sports. This form should be submitted to your organization or coach.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports
The form must be completed by a youth player and their parent that changes from one athletic organization to another from the previous season.
Form (PDF) Adult & Youth Sports