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Recreation and Parks representatives met with an Engineer on 9/13/19 to review temporary repairs for the Joyce Lane Bridge on the B&A Trail.
The plan will allow us to temporarily open the bridge back up for foot/bike traffic during the autumn months and our October 6th Lifeline 100 cycling event ( We are planning to begin the repair work as soon as possible.
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Mysterious Moths

Sat. Jun 15, 2019 8:30am - 9:30am
Beverly Triton Nature Park
Some of the most mysterious creatures who share our landscape are nocturnal. Come out to the park
for a fun night of learning about one of the most charismatic, the moths. Perfect for all ages and
interest levels. Bring a flashlight and bug spray, if you are accustomed to using it. To register for this
program call 443-202-0179, e-mail [email protected], or register online at