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B&A Trail Closure and Construction Notice
Part of the B&A Trail starting from 1/4 mile north of the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station to Arnold may be closed periodically. Click here for more information >>
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WB&A Trail

WB&A Trail
Ribbon Cutting and Official Opening on June 1, 2016
The WB&A Trail is a planned 9 mile paved recreational trail from Odenton to the Patuxent River on the abandoned Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad right of way. When complete, the project will link the South Shore Trail in Odenton with the Patuxent River and an existing rail trail in Prince George's County. In addition to the regional implications of the WB&A Trail, it is also a critical component of the East Coast Greenway and the American Discovery Trail.

WB&A Trail is open dawn to dusk. 

Directions to WB&A Trail 


Brief Project Description

Construction of the WB&A Trail will be accomplished in phases:
Phase 1 - Odenton Road to Strawberry Lake Way (2.27 mile) - Open and operational
Phase 2 - Strawberry Lake Way to Conway Road (1.68 mile) - Open and operational
Phase 3 - Conway Road to Patuxent River (1.71 mile) - Open and operational
Phase 4 - Strawberry Lake Way to to Annapolis Road (3.32 mile, 1.44 mile existing) - Portion open and operational (existing from Piney Orchard Park to Waugh Chapel Road)
Phase 5 - Bridge over the Patuxent River (0.05 mile) - Proposed Trail (connects to the WB&A Trail in Prince George's County)
Multi-Use Trails Discussion Paper - Revised September 2016



WB&A Trail with Parks, Trails and Greenways
WB&A Trail
Proposed WB&A Trail Bridge
Proposed WB&A Trail Bridge
Connecting Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties



Current - Parking Lot on Patuxent Road at Bragers Road is open with a spur connecting to the trail.
Phase V Bridge: Design is ongoing.
Phase III: Ribbon Cutting and Official Opening on June 1, 2016 (photo shown above)


Status of Other Phase

Phase IV - Incomplete portion north of Waugh Chapel Road TBD
 WB&A Trail