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WB&A Trail

 WB&A Trail
WB&A Trail is open dawn to dusk. 
The WB&A Trail is a planned paved recreational trail from Odenton to the Patuxent River on the abandoned Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad right of way. The mainline is 5.7 miles in length with many community connections. A spur, referred to as Phase IV runs from Strawberry Lake Way at the mainline up to Annapolis Road. Half of this is existing and extends for 1.6 miles. When complete, the project will link the South Shore Trail in Odenton with the Patuxent River and an existing rail trail in Prince George's County. In addition to the regional benefits of the WB&A Trail, it is also a critical component of the East Coast Greenway and the American Discovery Trail.
NOTICE: The Traffic Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works will review the WB&A Trail crossing at Patuxent Road and Bragers to evaluate potential strategies to improve ped/bike and vehicular safety, which were concerns raised at our recent public meeting. Thank you for helping us make your community a better place.  
WB&A Trail Master Plan
Construction of the WB&A Trail will be accomplished in phases:
Phase I:Odenton Road to Strawberry Lake Way (2.27 mile). Open and operational.
Phase II:Strawberry Lake Way to Conway Road (1.68 mile). Open and operational.
Phase III:Conway Road to Patuxent River (1.71 mile). Open and operational.
Phase IV:Strawberry Lake Way to to Annapolis Road (3.32 mile, 1.44 mile existing). Portion open and operational (existing from Piney Orchard Park to Waugh Chapel Road).
Phase V:Bridge over the Patuxent River (0.05 mile). Connects to the WB&A Trail in Prince George's County.
Learn about WB&A Trail more on the Construction and Planning page: or from the original master plan listed below: