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Broadneck Peninsula Trail

broadneck trail
The existing trail to date starts at Green Holly Drive and continues along College Parkway and ends at College Parkway East. The trail includes a spur to the Broadneck Library and a spur to Walnut Ridge Drive along Cape St. Claire Road. The trail's total distance is 1.15 miles including the two spurs. The Broadneck Trail is located across from Broadneck Park.

Broadneck Peninsula Trail is open dawn to dusk. 

Directions to Broadneck Peninsula Trail 

On May 9, 2018, construction started on Phase II of the Broadneck Peninsula Trail extension which will run from Cape St. Claire to Arnold.


Brief Project Description

The Broadneck Peninsula Trail is a hiker-biker trail that will ultimately connect the B & A Trail to Bay Head Park and perhaps Sandy Point State Park. The Trail will cover 9 miles mostly along College Parkway.
In addition to the local transportation and recreation benefits of this project, the Broadneck Trail also has national significance. The American Hiking Society has included the Broadneck Trail in its vision for The American Discovery Trail; a trail that will extend from Point Reyes, California to Cape Henlopen, Delaware. The Broadneck Trail’s ultimate connection to the B&A Trail will also make it part of the East Coast Greenway, another national trail extending from Maine to Florida.


Maps and Additional Information



Broadneck Trail Phase III

phase III

phase III

Broadneck Trail Phase III
Broadneck Trail Phase III


Broadneck Trail Phase II
Broadneck Trail Phase 2
Broadneck Trail Phase 1A
Broadneck Trail Phase I
Broadneck Trail Phases 1 thru V
Broadneck Trail Phases I thru V
Disclaimer for Broadneck Trail Phases I thru V Map:
The map for Phases I thru V is a visual representation of the 1999 Master Plan for the Broadneck Peninsula Trail. The alignment depicts proposed destinations for the trail at that time. Development of the additional phases will depend upon a number of considerations: available right of way, funding for design and construction, and input from stakeholders and other government agencies.



Broadneck Peninsula Trail Construction Schedule
April 2018Phase II - Construction began. Completion anticipated by Summer 2019.
May 2018 Phase III - Feasibility study completed. The Schematic Design is under review.
CurrentPhase IB - Feasibility Study has been initiated
January 2013Phase IA - Now Opened



Status of Other Phases

Phases IV and V - Inactive pending future funding